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The world of humans is currently in an exceedingly precarious position. In addition to the civil strife and wars that prevail throughout the world, there is the looming threat of environmental degradation that is aided and abetted by violent conflict.

The change to a more peaceful world that is required if future generations are to inherit a viable planet can only be achieved through a concerted effort to transform human behavior. This, of course, is no small task. We hope to contribute to this change in a small yet important way through the creation of a community enterprise that can provide an environment through which non-violent behavior and a study of the application of peaceful methods of living can be taught and the practice encouraged.

In a fundamentally violent world, Seattle Institute of Peace Studies offers something wholly unique and vitally important – a personal strategy which each of us as individuals can adopt, practice and use to make a difference in the world in our own way. For this reason, it is more than likely to succeed and grow in an environment in which there is a need that has been, heretofore, unaddressed and the solution transformed into a practical approach.

We intend to serve individuals who have an abiding interest in helping to build a more peaceful world for themselves and who wish to leave behind a legacy of peace and social justice for their children.

The proposed areas of study covered will include Courses, Discussions Groups, Workshops and Seminars. Each course of study is rigorous, dynamic and designed to stimulate thought, and depends not only upon the expertise of the instructors, who are well-versed in their fields, but also on rigorous student participation.

We offer a concept-based education in which the emphasis is placed on understanding the essential framework of the material presented. In the course entitled, Human Warfare Its Causes and Possible Avenues for Its Prevention, for example, a great deal of time will be devoted to a detailed study of the history of human warfare.

Seattle Institute of Peace Studies will offer an entirely unique learning environment and, in our estimation, timely in the modern world that is so vulnerable and in imminent danger of collapse. It is fitting that such a place of learning and study have its home in Seattle where progressive and advanced thinking is so prevalent.